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How we work

MedicoMonitor is involved in the process from the first ideas to the final solution. We acknowledge your expertise on the products, and add our knowledge on pharma value propositions.
We cooperate with your current partners to maintain your corporate brand identity.

The process is divided in three modules. Each module is a milestone, and you are free to cancel the project, if you are not satisfied with the outcome of one module.

Scientific based development of care to support your product

Based on cutting edge scientific research, MedicoMonitor develops a strategy for care solutions to support your product.

The goal for our solutions is always to increase the effect on clinically measurable and/or user reported parameters.
This might be achieved through solutions that encourages the patient to higher his or her compliance, to change lifestyle or to increase the quality of disease monitoring.

Scientific based qualification of the care solution to support your product

MedicoMonitor designs clinical valid trials to verify the effect of the suggested solutions on your specific product.

The qualification raises the solution from a marketing gimmick to an actual and valuable integrated part of your product.

Experience based implementation of the care solution that enables value based pricing

MedicoMonitor has a long experience on internal and external factors that must be taken into account to ensure a successful implementation of the solution.

Internally, we educate managers and consultants on the importance of including supporting solutions in the marketing effort, and we set up an incentive program to maintain their loyalty to the solution.

Externally, we set up targeted campaigns to show doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care professionals the advantages of the solution and equally important help them overcome any obstacles.

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